...bringing music to schools

some frequent queries


Is there any charge to use-be involved with MOXIE? Our service is and always has been free to schools.

​​How often will music be sent?
That varies depending on if-when record companies want to get the music out to schools but typically its every 6-8 weeks.

How do we go about setting up interviews? Whenever we have interviews available with artists we are working with, we will contact you with dates, times, and other pertinent details. If you are interested in doing the interview, you get in touch with us and we will set it up.

​What's a phoner press conference?
That's when we schedule a press conference interview with different schools & their news-media outlets from around the country. Students take turns asking the artist a question and the different questions & answers are incorporated into the article that is written.

Can you get us an interview or tickets for Arcade Fire or Beyonce or Rihanna or some other goliath superstar? We can only set up interviews and tickets for artists we are working with provided they are doing interviews and-or providing tickets.

How do I get tickets if I want to review a concert? Are the tickets free? Can I get an extra ticket to bring someone with me? Can we take pictures? Will I be able to go backstage?Whenever a band we work with tours, they let us know whether we can have tickets for their shows for student journalists, and whether they will be available to do interviews at the venue. If so, we inform you.Tickets are always free, and we ALWAYS get 2 ticket so you can bring someone with you. Sometimes we can get tickets but NOT interviews - it all depends on the band's schedule. We can usually provide you with photo passes to take pictures, though they may limit the number of songs you can shoot to 2-3 to keep distractions while on stage to a minimum. Backstage passes will depend on whether your interviews are taking place before or after a show, though sometimes bands will do meet & greets, and you can get passes for those events. 

How can I set up a school show or visit with an artist? On occasion, we work with artists that are doing school shows and visits. When we do, they give us their schedule of when they are going to be specific cities. We follow that schedule and get in touch with the schools in those cities we work with to see if they would like to have them. If so, we set it up. There is never any charge to you for this, and the artists bring their own production.