MOXIE began life 1996, & was birthed by a couple of record industry burn-outs. I can say that because I was one of them. Why were we burned out? We got into the business out of a love of music, and it was frustrating to constantly see artists and records getting overlooked because they weren't able to get in front of people who might have liked them. 

We felt that one of the most active and aware segments of music lovers-teens-were being massively underserved by much of the mainstream media and not being given much opportunity to be active participants in their own culture.

​MOXIE was started to be a bridge between these two realities. By sending student organizations music, we hopefully allow students
to apply classroom skills  to real-world settings by writing reviews, doing interviews, participating in essay contests, or reviewing a concert-often opportunities that would be unavailable otherwise. 

YOU can decide whether you want to make any given release or concert a part of your paper, radio station, or other school activities. You may or may not. But we hope that, at the very least, the music can be a conduit to further learning, exploration, and critical analysis.. 

​You know--like Almost Famous. Or maybe Spinal Tap.

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...bringing music to schools